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  • Save Costs

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Connect-it is a modular Framework solution for most sectors. Our Modular Design and Versatile products allow the user to be creative to achieve the desired results. Imagine it, then simply built it.


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Be creative, imagine it, build it


Connect-it’s VISION is birthed out of a divine directive to act as a catalyst for manufacturing and therefore; a conduit for economic reformation in Africa.

Our Mission

To design and supply efficient inter-locking components that stimulate creativity, thus unlocking new products and markets for manufacturers
(both big and small)

Our Goal

To pioneer a new generation of architectural “Lego-Type” building blocks that empower manufacturers to produce products economically!

Product Benefits

Save time, Save labor, energy, transportation…
Save Costs...Super Tough!


Innovation, Courage,
Creativity, Conquest

The Essence of Entrepreneurship is belief.

Not just a belief, but the power to believe.

It's the power to believe that the world is missing something valuable that only you can give it.

Something that makes the world better. Something so valuable that if you don't push past all barriers and bring it to life that the world will fail to progress to its greatest potential, and it will be your fault.



250 Connector Agencies
2500 Manufactures
450 African Projects
10000 Innovations

How does Connect-it WORK?

Connect-it is a simple 1-2-3 process that will have you building Easy Frameworks in no time.


Fit your steel or aluminium profile over the required connector, and using a rubber mallet, hammer the profile until it is firmly in place. Some of the connector will sheer off to ensure a tight, snug fit.


Using an 8mm steel drill bit, drill through the profile and the connector too.


Using the unique and strong LOCK-IT, place the female part (red) into the hole first, and then the male part (black) into it, and push it in with a tolerance and your profile and connector are locked securely in place.

Our Portfolio

Connect-it can be used in so many different areas of our everyday lives, from agriculture to industry, from signage to architecture, from 4x4 and camping to DIY in and around your home.

Creating with connectors

Below are some of the practical structures that you can create with the help of Connect-it. If you'd like to try and build it yourself, click on the "LINK" icon as you hover over an image, where you will then be able to download the plans and resources guide.

Do you have a Brilliant Idea?

If you have a great idea for a framework, and need help with the design, or if you've built an ingenious structure that would make a great commercial package, then email us on info@connect-it.cc and we could help make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

  • All
  • Signage and POS
  • Camping and Leisure
  • DIY and Pets
  • Architect and design
  • Sporting
  • green, eco
  • Agriculture

Who stocks CONNECT-IT?

Connect-it is sold throughout southern Africa and we have recently launched an Agency in South America too, proving that Connect-it truly has a global appeal with universal applications.

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